I know it is a very special thing that you have continued your contact with us, as you ask how we feel, and give us suggestions. That is why this course went beyond this weekend. It is a plus that you have given us and that I liked and value ​​infinitely – I like the passion you have for what you teach and for what you apply and what you really do really daily in our lives. Claudia Casas  – Dressing Your Light Within


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to know each other, understand each other and discover our truth. Nothing is chance in life. You came into our lives so we could learn to know ourselves and be better human beings. Thank you very much for being there for us, and for all.

This experience has been very positive.  Sanddy – Dressing Your Light Within


My dear Deborah, Thank you for that enthusiasm of yours that made me see the force of empowerment when you recognize yourself for what you truly are.

I have been enjoying my new light and honoring my Essence, understanding and appreciating myself.

Your course really opened my eyes to who I am and through knowing how to improve myself every day.

The change in my clothes still goes slowly but surely jejjej. A big hug. Chayo – Dressing Your Light Within

I love having met you. This course has been very valuable for me. I feel very sure of myself and what to do, so I thank you Infinitely. NANCY YANETH VILLOTA MARTINEZ – Dressing Your Light Within

Dear Deborah, I enjoyed and learned a lot in the course that we took with you … I am very happy to have the confidence of knowing what goes with my essence and I feel that it strengthens me and I am better in my daily life …. Little by little I am updating my Wardrobe since most of my clothes were not for my type that I discovered.. Many thanks for your teachings.

I have made many changes in the colors I wear (in fact I had to buy clothes that before I never would have dreamed would go well, but today I wear them and feel it very much in all of my senses, my mood, my sense of safety, etc.), I was very comfortable using neutral colors. Now my color chart accompanies me in my wallet to remove all doubts when I buy something.

It is so real to me and can help many people who are interested in living a similar experience. Rocío Calderón – Dressing Your Light Within


Thank you Deborah! It is a blessing that we have met again, for I also feel a special connection with you from my heart. I am surprised to see myself as if my inner being was aligned with my exterior (in the photo I am looking 100% like a type 2), instead of my own beliefs and concepts about myself. Infinite thanks for the gift of aligning myself in body and soul with my essence. Ana Barreto – Dressing Your Light Within


I learned about EFT through Eliz Olivella, who was a gateway to find other Light beings like Deborah and her wonderful therapeutic work. Deborah has accompanied me for 12 years to go through difficult times, from diagnostics such as diabetes, facial paralysis and grief. Her incredible personality makes it without a doubt one of my first options to recommend friends and family, especially in cases of crisis in unforeseen events. Her knowledge of the subject, her good humor, her inner wisdom, her gift of connecting between souls makes her sessions healing. It differs from traditional psychology. I love that EFT does not wind up repeating destructive stories verbally, I love that if you are willing to heal sometimes one session is enough. I love that the results from each session is Union, Compassion and Joy. I love that the therapist and user are at the same human level! I love that a session can be in person, over the phone or via the internet! But above all I love that EFT is a technique that is like a seed that is shared and recognized internally. The Light that Deborah helps us to see more clearly, is the same Light that exists in all. EFT is a path that guides us by using our own tools and that empowers. Thank you, dear Deborah, as a therapist and teacher. Blessings always. Elsa Aguirre


Hello Deborah, I have your book “The Dragon with Flames of Love” and I like very much. Congratulations!!! It is written in a simple and very practical way, with precious illustrations. It also works great for adults. Marian Barnes, Spain

I have worked with Deborah Miller for 3 coaching sessions.  The first two dealt with my recent surgery and fears.  The last one was on the subject of Security.  She has always been a very intuitive and intense listener.  I find she allows me the space to rap without interrupting.  It is very nice to have such a responsive ear on the other end of the line. Most importantly, Deborah has been encouraging and fruitful with follow up – both with calls and materials.  This means the conversation is not in vain, or a quick motivational talk.  It fleshes out the ideas and inspires me to action.  Suffice it to say, she is super intelligent and super wise.  A real combo of left and right brains.  I think she has found her niche with coaching!!  L.K.

I have had a number of healing and training experiences with Deborah over the past two years or so and they have been profound and life-changing. I started with SRT, out of sheer curiosity, actually, to see what, if anything, I would feel with a distance healing. It is very difficult to point to specific events and to say that this or that happened. But there were very definite and powerful energy changes, starting with the realization, later confirmed by email, that she had started before our agreed-upon time. There was first a feeling of rising to a higher level, where I felt a love connection with many people, as a pre-existent condition of the universe, and a feeling that this was meant to be. This was followed during the next week or two by times of heaviness, grief and sorrow, but which seemed to resolve into feelings of love and gratitude, of thanking people for their contributions to my life in the past. There was, at the same time, a sense of clearing old programs and negative energies which had held me in and hindered my spiritual growth. Accompanying these highs and lows was an acceleration of events in my life, including a situation with my family, which would develop over the next year, and the leaving of a negative job. In retrospect I can see that all of this was just a preparation for things to come.

I had always wanted to do healing work and to learn Reiki. With the attunements there was an even more intense process of leaving the past behind, sometimes explosive, accompanied by sickness, but I started to act in a more positive way in behalf of myself. Now that I have my First Degree Certificate, I have found Reiki to be very effective not only for others but for myself, as a way to feel deeply relaxed and centered. I’m just a beginner, still learning and have a long way to go, but it is very satisfying to be a channel for healing energies and helping people in a simple but highly effective way.

Perhaps the most dramatic breakthrough for me was with EFT, which, at the outset, seemed like the most implausible of the techniques. But I can safely say that with EFT I was able to permanently release negative energies and beliefs and rise to a new level. People say I have never looked better and I feel this is so. I feel happy pretty much all of the time, have a permanently higher level of energy, am more relaxed and more optimistic in my outlook. Many thanks for Deborah for all her help and training. She is making a very positive contribution to our world. S.J.

Not understanding the SRT process and very curious, we began and discovered repeatedly self-hatred and hatred of men and women, which was not so primary in my present experience but as we continued I could feel the history unfolding. Experiences that sometimes were emotionally charged and illogical revealed themselves without that reaction, just the acknowledgment. When we were through Deborah guided me and counseled that I may be having some effects of the clearings. Yeap!!! I became aloof, disoriented and giggly for at least for 3 days and then all of a sudden I was calm and peaceful. I stopped worrying about my sick mom, about my husband and his demands on me, about my work. I became deeply peaceful and complete.

It has been several months since my clearing and still I am calm and peaceful. I can still get stressed but it does not last. I thank Deborah and the SRT process for this opportunity and experience.

Many blessings, Eliz Olivella

I would like to submit this testimonial as a result of the SRT treatment I got from Deborah Miller.

While I am totally ignorant and have not experience with her healing methods, I was very impressed with the phenomena she unearthed. A lot of the information revealed to her, I experienced in my twenties and thirties.

She did the healing twice to get rid of the residues and I must say that I have felt surprisingly calm and confident since. While I am experiencing a nasty sinus attack which the doctor diagnosed as an allergy because of the heat, I feel better every day and am far more motivated than before. Before I was a bit frantic about my finances that too has vanished entirely. This is really a breakthrough.

Gracious blessings, M.S.


I found her SRT clearing work to be very effective and when she shared with me the information on which she focused, it resonated as truth (as it relates to issues with which I have dealt and am dealing).

Scott Mielke, www.scottmielke.com


Thank you very much for your wonderful work. After the SRT treatment, I have had two instances come up, where I felt that I wanted to throw in the towel. Instead of giving up, I felt an inner strength to not give in the commotion, but stay focused on my practice and see it through. I have also had old issues with my mother become clear to me. This time I did not feel the need to ‘work’ on myself, but knew that with a simple letting go and awareness of what was happening, I could release the issue.

I now feel much more peaceful and know that I am overcoming old beliefs and blockages. It’s working in a marvelous way.

Angelika Ellerbrock

I asked Deborah Miller to do an SRT session. She provided me with detailed notes of what came up during the session.  All of it hit home and reflected thoughts and emotions that have gripped me for years! 


While I haven’t noticed any dramatic outward shifts, I feel “different”.  Most of the negative thoughts/emotions that had been a part of my existence do not seem to be an issue any more and I feel more calm and confident.  So, I’m very pleased with the outcome and very glad I took advantage of this healing modality!  I am in awe that such healing can occur so effortlessly!  I would not hesitate to have a follow up session down the road and I recommend this healing modality to all who are interested in “deep cleaning”.

Blessings, Barb W., Chandler, Arizona, USA

In September of 2003 I was experiencing anxiety, flashbacks and depression with increasing severity. The situation was getting steadily worse and I felt like I was in a downward spiral with no way out. I was diagnosed “Bipolar II” by mental health professionals who suggested strongly that I go on medication. Deborah Miller, being aware of my situation, helped me through the crisis period by guiding me through the use of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). The immediate effect of shifting my energy and attention was positive and profound. I could sleep through the night again and get work done at my job, plus I had a tool with me no matter where I was to help get through tough moments of anxiety. The EFT helped turn the tide; I could feel good about myself and be able to take care of myself again. It also had the effect of bringing other problematic beliefs and experiences to the surface.   Deborah helped me identify these issues by name and then did Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) to clear them. I cannot measure the impact of the SRT. The events that were named during the clearing resonate wholly with my current experience. I believe it shook things up even more at first, but it seemed to interrupt the terrible tailspin I was in. I was able to get out of a very difficult situation by the end of October. I think the two tools used together have the potential to bring personal peace and power to any individual.

Muriel Williman, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

The immediate shift for me after the SRT treatment came in the area of my dreams. Since the age of around 9, I have been consistently disturbed by abusive dreams. I learned to disassociate myself from them but have always wondered where they came from. I sensed they came from past lives as they most certainly do not come from this one and started before I had even heard of child abuse, physical and sexual. Your process confirmed their origin for me and I have not had a single dream like this since for the first time since they started. In releasing this, I have become more responsive, loving and open towards my husband. I feel lighter and more in the flow of creativity. For many weeks, I have been dreaming very detailed, logically sequential dreams each night and I sense that changes are still at work within me.

 In light and love and gratitude –  M.D. 

I had a beautiful experience with Emotional Freedom Techniques around a ruptured tendon in my right arm. I am a 58 year old woman. The doctor said that it was necessary to have an operation to repair the rupture. When an angel appeared in my path and helped me with this technique. The results were immediate. The hard ball that had formed in my upper arm disappeared within 30 minutes. During the therapy we found that I had many feelings that were like this hard ball but we resolved and eliminated them too. In my next visit to the doctor three days later he changed completely his opinion in respect to needing an operation because he could see that I had plenty of force in my arm and no pain. He only recommended a wrap for my arm. My arm is still normal.

Elia Ramos, Oaxaca, México