1. EFT Tapping
  2. Dressing Your Light Within
  3. Reiki
  4. Deeksha
  5. Akashic Record Clearings with Spiritual Response Technique
  6. Prosperity Courses and Individual Sessions
  7. Cutting the Ties that Bind


EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT or Tapping has been described as “acupuncture for emotions, without the needles.” It has its roots in ancient Chinese medicine and the modern science of Applied Kinesiology. It is a simple, gentle, yet powerful technique that children and adults can use to manage their emotions, fears, traumas and even physical pain.

It consists of gentle tapping with the fingertips on specific points of the face and body while focusing on a specific problem, such as fear, and stating phrases about that fear.

By doing so, our thoughts and emotions calm, allowing the mind and body to feel better. This removes the energetic and emotional imbalance in the body that creates the fear.

How can this be? Well, the body’s operating system is electrical and chemical. Thus, Tapping stimulates this electrical system positively, which in turn stimulates the body’s natural chemical system. Instead of producing stress hormones and chemicals that weaken the immune system, the body thereby produces relaxing and healing hormones and chemicals that strengthen the immune system and improve health.

But first, a little background on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. The sympathetic nervous system of the brain releases stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline, in response to real danger, as well as to our negative and fearful emotions. They prepare the body for fight or flight by increasing heart rate, preparing muscles for physical activity and more. If the body is perpetually stressed out or on alert, one becomes more susceptible to illness, as this chronic stress reduces the overall strength of the immune system.

The parasympathetic nervous system of the brain, on the other hand, prepares the body for relaxation, cell regeneration and digestion, which strengthens the immune system. Scientific studies have indicated that EFT is helpful in boosting one’s emotional and physical state of being by reducing the amount of cortisol released in the body (see References), thus aiding the parasympathetic nervous system.

Physical Recovery is Enhanced with a Positive Attitude

When dealing with a serious illness, it is important to have a strong immune system in order to aid recovery. It is well-known that a positive, cheerful attitude improves the immune system. Reducing feelings of fear, anxiety, anger and upset plays an important part in helping the body to recover from a serious illness.

As mentioned above, it has been scientifically demonstrated that EFT or Tapping can calm the sympathetic nervous system, thus reducing stress hormones such as cortisol. In doing so, it allows the parasympathetic nervous system to actively help in the regeneration process, calming the mind and body and boosting the immune system. The body’s natural default pathway is to heal. With EFT, it is possible to support that natural process as well as to feel good emotionally.

Benefits of Tapping:

  • Reduces stress, anxiety, fear and worry
  • Reduces pain and nausea
  • Improves mood
  • Gives a sense of empowerment
  • Helps the person visualize his/her healing process
  • Provides the person a tool to manage and improve his/her feelings and emotions
  • Helps parents be more present with their children
  • Helps children feel calmer
  • Is fun to do and feels good

One doesn’t need to suffer to heal.

The emotional and physical healing process can be filled with peace, joy, love and laughter. Tapping is a technique that helps make this possible.

Tapping to Live a Full Life

I have helped children and their families manage the emotions of fear, sadness, anger, frustration, apathy and helplessness they feel. I teach children and families how to apply Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping) so that they can be applied to reduce pain and pain, and simultaneously improve their ability to manage and manage their emotions. One of the biggest benefits of EFT is that it is quick and easy to use. In very little time – minutes – a child or adult can relax and feel calm. The results of Tapping have been powerful, encouraging and deeply poignant.

Techniques such as Tapping empower children and adults by enabling them to make good decisions and choices. When we have the tools and knowledge to improve our emotional state, we feel stronger and at peace.





(Nature’s Make Over from the Inside Out – IN 1 DAY

for Women, Men and Families)

True beauty is not found by following fashion trends, but by carefully assembling those pieces that express who you truly are. Thus, it is important to understand who you are.

Look and Feel Your Very Best!

What called me (Deborah Miller) to the Dressing Your Light Within?

Since 2003 I’ve been using techniques and modalities to help people. It was interesting for me to observe that as I mastered these techniques that I still felt there was a piece of the puzzle missing. I knew everything I needed to know about emotions, how to wisely handle them and help others do the same. Yet, when I looked in the mirror there was something that still made ​​me sad. I wasn’t letting all the light in me shine!

The knowledge I learned in the Dressing Your Light Within course was exactly what was missing. It brought a deep understanding and acceptance of who I am and allows me to live true to my Vibrant Dynamic Nature. I feel amazing in my body. I know I’m presenting myself in the best way possible!

It made me decide that this material had to be taught around the world. Thus I went to the source. I learned everything I could learn about this technique from the creator Carol Tuttle. I trained to become one of her experts. To date I have taught this course in the US, Spain, several parts of Mexico and am invited to do the same in Ecuador.
I hope to bring to men, women and children new insights into who you truly are, how you can honor yourselves and be the best version of yourselves in the process.

Learn about your Innate Nature

Part 1. Energy Profile.

You have your own unique movement and expression that comes with you into this world. It comes from the natural movement of the elements that make up your DNA, your personality, behavior, thinking patterns, physical features and body language. During the course you will identify with one of the four elements. This becomes your unique Energy Profile® or dominant energy type.

You will understand:
• your unique strengths and talents along with your weaknesses.

  • how you present yourself to the world, your loved ones, your work, etc.
  • how to be more accepting of yourself.
    • your partner, spouse, children and family by knowing who they are so you can love    and respect them.
    • what you can do to improve yourself.
  • why certain jobs and projects appeal to you, bring out your passion and create personal satisfaction.

* how to actualize your true talents.

* how to help your children love and accept themselves.
And much more …….

Energy Profiling® that will show how the four basic elements in nature:
Nitrogen / Air
Oxygen / Water
Hydrogen / Fire
Carbon / Land
Each of these elements have a particular movement and vibration and influence your core essence and how you express yourself.

Energy Profiling® teaches you how these four elements and their combinations manifest today in your life through your personality, behavior, thought patterns, physical characteristics and body language.


SHOW the world who you REALLY ARE!

 Part 2. Dressing Your Light Within

Dressing Your Light Within brings out the best of the individual – man, woman and child – by focusing on the design lines, patterns, textures, colors, composition, quality and movement of the fabrics, clothes, accessories and hair style that go best with the energy profile of each Energy Type.

With Dressing Your Light Within you’ll learn:

  • how to look and feel your best.

how to represent your true self with your clothing and actions.

  • how to let your clothes reflect who you are and where you are going.
  • to purchase clothes that are exactly right for you; thus saving on clothing expenses by not wasting money on items that you don’t wear. (i.e. avoid having a closet with items that you never wear)

* what clothes combine thus increasing your wardrobe with fewer items.

  • what design lines, patterns, textures, fabrics, and colors honor the true you.
  • what clothes look absolutely perfect on you.
  • what hairstyle and hair color brings out your greatest beauty.
  • what jewelry and accessories you should wear that enhance your core, true self.
  • how to select the Perfect Gift for a Loved One

Partner with your Clothes instead of Fighting with Them!

Who can take this course? women, men, adolescents, children and families

Receive: Clarity about who you are based on your DNA elements, a Style Guide, and a summary of the information about your Type.

Opportunity: Bring clothes, jewelry, and a few accessories to check during the course.

Akashic Record Clearings with Spiritual Response Technique (SRT)

Feeling Blocked or Stuck?

Do you feel that no matter what you do you never get past an issue that is bothering you? Do you try new things and find yourself returning to your old patterns? Or want to release emotions that no longer serve you. Well, SRT may be the ticket to releasing those blocks. Our cells have memory of all of our experiences, pleasant or not, thus many of our most resistant behaviors are stored at a cellular level. SRT functions on a cellular and soul level thereby affecting every part of your being.

What is SRT?

SRT is a spiritual healing technique that utilizes a system of researching the subconscious mind and soul records to find and release discordant, limiting thoughts and beliefs in order to replace them with loving, supportive ideas and beliefs. SRT addresses emotional issues and patterns or in other words, the negative programming, where a “program” is the root cause of a problem that is negatively affecting your life keeping you from living a happy, healthy life.


The overall experience allows for the release of tremendous emotional baggage from one’s life leading to greater inner peace of mind and tranquility, thereby improving the quality of life. SRT helps remove stress and anxiety freeing you to focus on what is important to you, be it quality relationships, career, or spiritual awareness. By releasing the negative subconscious programs you allow the soul to attain its full expression of joy, health and prosperity.


SRT can be performed in person, by phone, or remotely with the results being mailed. In all cases, the soul’s permission is received before SRT is performed. SRT can be requested for loved ones who, although consciously unaware that the session was requested, experience positive changes as a result of the clearing. SRT can be performed on animals and can be used to restore harmony in homes and offices. Virtually everyone can benefit from an SRT clearing. An SRT clearing enhances the effects of other healing modalities, both traditional and alternative.  Contact me for a session.



Prosperity Coaching

Do your goals include happiness, financial freedom and prosperity? Do you dream of having a fulfilling career and relationships? Would you like to feel happy and joyous in everything you do? Would you like to be empowered? Through Prosperity Coaching, you will discover ways to achieve these “dreams.”

Prosperity Coaching, utilizing Universal Laws of Attraction, helps you clarify and achieve your desires by aligning yourself with your values and desires.

What is a Coaching Relationship?

  • A unique one-on-one relationship (conducted in person or by phone) that guides and supports you as you empower yourself to become all that you want to be
  • An exchange that helps you express your dreams and aspirations, clarify your goals and life purpose, and provide means for attaining them
  • A relationship where the coach listens compassionately to your failures, helps you see how they provided clarity about what you truly want, and celebrates your “wins”
  • Guidance through the course of life leading you to results beyond your wildest dreams
  • A supportive liaison that provides encouragement while being proactive, responsive and focused

How can Prosperity Coaching help you?

  • Strengthen your core values, raise standards, eliminate intolerances and set boundaries
  • Determine the source of frustrations, inhibitions and blocks and then create solutions
  • Develop an abundance of time, money, space, relationships and love in your life
  • Challenge yourself to look at your fears and go beyond your self-imposed limitations
  • Take full responsibility for all outcomes in your life allowing you to be empowered and in charge of your life
  • Gain new insights on achieving financial prosperity with less effort
  • Attain breakthroughs and have sustainable life changes
  • Enjoy your journey by staying balanced and at peace on a consistent basis

Who utilizes Prosperity Coaching? Someone who…

  • Has a desire to grow and achieve mastery
  • Is willing to take a chance on themselves
  • Wants to release the past
  • Wants support in reaching his/her dreams
  • Wants to align with the best that is possible in order to reach new heights
  • Is committed to living life to the fullest and being the best he/she can be
  • Desires guidance, insights and breakthroughs to transform his/her life

ARE YOU READY to begin?

Team up today with Deborah Miller and begin a journey that will take you to levels of prosperity and success you never believed possible! Learn to shift your focus from “perceived” limitations and reach for your desired personal and financial goals. Private Coaching Sessions, Group Sessions and teleclasses available.



What is Reiki?

Reiki is universal life force energy. The word Reiki can be divided into two parts, Rei and Ki. Although universal is the generally accepted meaning for Rei, a much deeper understanding comes from the Japanese kanji character for Rei, which means supernatural knowledge or spiritual consciousness, the wisdom coming from God or the Higher Self.

Ki means life force and is the same as Chi in Chinese, and Prana in Sanskrit. It is the energy that is found in all living things. Since the practice of Reiki consists of God-consciousness called Rei guiding the life force called Ki, it can be defined as spiritually guided life force energy.

This fits well with the described experiences of Reiki practitioners and recipients. Reiki is guided by God-consciousness and the recipient of Reiki receives what is needed without the direction of the practitioner. In addition, Reiki can never do harm because it is guided by God-consciousness. God-Consciousness is all-knowing and understands the cause of all problems and how to heal them. It is always helpful.

How does Reiki Work?

Ancient wisdom has suggested for centuries that an unseen energy flows through all living things directing the quality of health. Scientists and metaphysicists are verifying the importance of this life force energy in the maintenance of physical, mental and emotional health and the healing process.

Chakras and meridians are the conduits whereby this life force flows within the physical body and the aura is the name given to the field of energy around our body. Organs, tissues and cells are supported by this life force energy. If this life force energy is low, restricted or disrupted, one is more vulnerable to illness. Negative emotions, thoughts, and actions affect the life force energy by disrupting its flow and thus the function of the physical body. Positive emotions, thoughts and actions amplify the flow of life force energy leading to greater health and happiness.

Reiki Treatment

A Reiki treatment is a delightful experience where life force energy flows through the body treating the whole person, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. A Reiki treatment has many beneficial effects that lead to greater relaxation, tranquility, peace, joy, improved health, enhanced well-being and quality of life. Actually both the Reiki practitioner and recipient receive treatment since Reiki is channeled energy, thereby, increasing the energy of both. Reiki is simple, safe and natural.

Studying Reiki

Reiki is easy to learn and has been learned by people of all ages and backgrounds. Reiki is not taught in the classical manner, but transferred from Reiki Master to student via a series of attunements and studies. Then the student studies the Reiki principles and practices Reiki on themselves and others.

Sessions and Classes

Individual Reiki sessions can be performed in person or by distance. Classes to study Reiki are available. Please contact me for dates and times.

Contact me to set up an individual session or study Reiki.


Cutting the Ties that Bind

Feel like you are attached to someone or something? Do you have old ties that won’t let you feel free to pursue the life you desire? Do you have negative communication patterns with family members? Then Cutting the Ties that Bind is a delightful way to free yourself from these old attachments with respect for yourself and those to whom you were attached in order to independent, whole beings.

What is Cutting the Ties that Bind?

Cutting the ties that bind is a method that helps anyone wishing to cut the negative ties that bind him/her to anyone or anything that acts as an authority and exerts control over them. Detaching from these ties allows the person to remove accumulated layers of early training, conditioning, and inherent belief systems and behavior patterns that obscure the inner light or higher consciousness within.

How does One Acquire these Ties?

We are all bound by invisible chains, things that bind us and block us and keep us from being who we really are. These ties come from childhood, family environment, culture, fears or reactions to events that took place years ago.

The initial ties that form are those forged during childhood to parents or guardians, close relatives, siblings, teachers, friends and any others who help to influence or program the child. Later ties are formed to friends, lovers, marriage partners, other family members, children, and anyone on whom we rely for security, whether living or dead. There can be subtle attachments such as having one’s own way or to one’s opinion, as well as to strong emotions like anger, jealousy, fear and pride. Attachments can form with food, alcohol, money, clothes, power, status, education, success, etc. One can even have an attachment to life, i.e. being afraid of dying, because of the fear of the unknown.

How is Cutting the Ties that Bind Performed?

A facilitator guides the individual desiring to cut the negative ties through the visualization process. Initially a safe space is created in which to initiate the cutting of the ties. The first ties cut are those with parents. Each is done individually. The individual is guided through the process in which the cut begins. Then the individual devotes a regular, though small amount of time (a few minutes daily) and energy for two weeks to continue the visualization process. At the end of the two weeks, the final portion of the visualization process is performed with the facilitator in order to complete the cutting of the ties. It is a delightful process in which each cut is unique and special.


Sessions can be performed individually or in Groups. They can be performed in person or by telephone.



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